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‘PANGRI LA’ – Definition

an imaginary, beautiful place, often far away, where everything is pleasant and you can get everything you want

/ˌpæŋ. ɡriˈlɑː/
a real, beautiful place, full of magical PANtams that bring joy and happiness to you and many others

The idea to share the joy of these wonderful instruments with people who are usually forgotten but in desperate need of help arose years ago. In recent years, as part of the GRIASDI Handpan & World Music Festival, funds were collected with the help of PANTAMS, which were then made available to the two selected NGOs ‘Friends for Nepal‘ and ‘Dragonfly NGO‘.

This support has been made possible in the past by PANTAM & Pantam Accessories manufacturers sponsoring instruments and accessories that were then raffled during the event.

The PANGRILA Projekt

was born out of a desire not to limit this support to a once-a-year action. With the PANGRILA Project it is now possible for Handpan interested people

  • to buy good instruments at a fair price
  • to try Pantams from different manufacturers to get a sense of which Pantam really is the best personal choice
  • Playing different scales yourself to develop a feeling for the different sound spaces
  • Renting instruments for a certain period of time – to be sure that you are making the right purchase decision before buying
  • Get support in learning handpan playing
  • To be sure that you are buying without having paid too much, this purchase not only gives you personal pleasure – it also automatically contributes to the enjoyment of others.