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Trying out, playing, renting & buying PANTAMS and supporting development projects in Nepal and Africa – YES, you can!

PANGRILA.AT offers Handpan interested the opportunity to try out Pantams from different manufacturers on site (Austria, near Linz), rent them and also to buy.

There are several high-quality PANTAMS for playing, rents and if you like to buy available. In a pleasant atmosphere and without time pressure, you are welcome to enter the world of PANTAMS and you will be expertly advised and supported.
Take your time and find YOUR instrument, YOUR Scale. The direct comparisons will help you make the personal, right choice .

We are happy to help you to get started with playing the PANTAM. When you buy a PANTAM here, you’ll get a free introductory workshop (about 1.5 hours) – and a 30 € discount for an online course on “Master the Handpan by David Charrier. We also regularly offer beginner and advanced workshops – also in cooperation with world-class Handpan players. The dates of these workshops will be announced in time.

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The earnings from the sale of the instruments benefits the projects of the associations “Friends for Nepaland “The DRAGONFLY NGO“.


If interested in our offer, we ask for a personal contact in order to arrange a suitable appointment. We look forward to you !

Mail: contact@pangrila.at
Tel: +43 650 4277742
Ort: A – 4490 St.Florian